We have been active in the world of plastics engineering ever since Ter Beek Hengelo was founded. Since then, we have grown into an active family business in Hengelo which specialises extensively in the field of packaging and products using injection moulding.

In addition to our contributions towards design and development areas, our extensive production facilities and efficient logistics mean that clients can always rely on personal attention. We are primarily a team of people who think and take action, and which stands for full service when it comes to quality and long-term relationships.

We can attribute our success to the experience we have gained, our service-orientated approach, and to the way we think smartly alongside our clients. And we can also attribute it to our short lines of communications and solid partnerships with both suppliers and technical innovation partners. As a client, you will therefore always experience our four core values.



  • a family business which has been active in plastics engineering since the 1930s
  • based in Hengelo, with an office, tool shop,
    production areas, warehouses and dispatch areas
  • a permanent team of committed employees
  • solid manufacturing of packaging and products with injection moulding.
  • fully automated injection moulding machines and CNC machinery
  • 24/7 production with robotic machinery
  • our own research and development department
  • short lines of communication for maximum collaboration
  • team players which guarantee the best quality on a daily basis
  • permanent carriers for reliable deliveries
  • partnership with technological innovators
  • BRC certified


We always target our relationships, projects and products in a smooth and personal manner. We are easily accessible, and our team is actively involved in achieving high-quality final results.


We attach real significance to solid and comprehensive service and service provisions. A deal is a deal, and we provide added value to every contact, which you as a client can see time and time again in terms of higher returns.


We enrich our experience and expertise every day. We do this alongside partners, who work on the innovations of tomorrow. As a client, you will also deservedly benefit from us directly.


We not only think throughout the design and production phases, nor do we only think about logistics routes. We also continue to think creatively of how we can make life easy for you as a client with even greater benefits.
Martin Kompagne

At your service!

Together with my colleagues, I am at your service .
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